The Heart Supply and The Berrics proudly present, Jagger Eaton’s first limited edition Pro Signature Model. Featuring an exclusive top screen of Jagger's iconic tattoo, honoring his love and deep roots in Arizona. On the bottom, The Heart Supply logo and Jagger's signature are etched together in skateboarding for the first time, and forever. The deck is also accompanied with Jagger's authentic autograph.

The Heart Supply’s first team prototype decks had The Heart Logo laser engraved and methodically placed, where it received the least wear and tear. At that stage in the company, the graphics were still in development and the team was working on shapes and concave. Ironically, they all fell in love with it, because it brought focus to the boards beautifully stained veneer, remained on the board unscathed, and most important to them - the Heart logo stood for more than what any elaborate graphic would represent. Jagger was passionate about this discovery. So, when designing his first pro model, it felt most appropriate to follow the direction of Jagger's journey: do things differently, and not follow the industry norm.

Jagger Eaton First Edition Pro Model

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